Aibu sana kwa sodom

How can you not honor a fallen soldier halafu munaficha maiti yake kama bangi?

A marine general died in Odessa, Ukraine and his body together with other remains and injured mercenaries were secretly flown out of Poland to Kalifonya. Kufika kwa airbase they threw his body into one of the offices and then claimed that his body was mysteriously found there.

Aje sasa and this was a retired general? What was a retired soja doing in the marine’s offices in the first place?

What is absurd is that both the NCIS and family members declined to comment anything about his death.

He was one of the ‘advisors’ for the Ukranian army.

Turns out he was visited by Dr. Kin Zhal for his final check up.

Surely sodom maiti ya mjeshi ni kitu ya kuficha kweli @Simiyu22 , @Aka_mpole ?


Autopsy report wamekanyagia ama? Huyo Dr. Kin Zhal akiangalia mtu hapatangi natural causes

Wamekanyagia kabisa. Including family

Hizi conspiracy theories nilikuambia uwache mbali kabisa.

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Yes, and this one is not

Wewe tuli agana uwache Upuzi za Qanon.

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Hii Qanon inadanganya sana. Not!

This guy died out of heart attack. Story ya Ukraine ni jaba.

Where is the story? Yours ndio inakaa jaba. What was a retired guy doing in office?

@Patco should come here and clarify on this issue

Ulisema heart attack. Where did you get that info?

Anyway, the truth will come out, you just wait.