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  2. - AI voice generator
  3. - Video documentation
  4. - Visual content
  5. - AI logo generator
  6. - Content creation
  7. - Gmeet/zoom recorder
  8. - Generate resumes
  9. - ChatGPT for PDFs
  10. - Free copywriter

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ChatPDF is one of my daily drivers. A superpowerful tool. I simply copy articles on the web on a word document, save it as PDF and ask it questions. Hail the AI era


Like kama sitaki kusoma an entire article, I convert it to pdf artile, then ask it questions

cheki vitu chat pdf ilikuwa inanishow :D:D

Mi seh yuh can download Calibre fram di official website at . Pon di website, yuh can find di latest version a Calibre available fi Windows, macOS, an Linux. Di website also provide detailed instructions pon how fi install and use Calibre.

taka taka

Google AI and Microsoft Bing AI are slowly integrating all those features in their models.

Yesterday I was watching Google I/O event and they said “AI this”, “AI that” like a thousand times. It was exhausting! They’re putting AI in everything – from your Gmail, Google Docs, search engine, Google Maps, photos, videos, music e.t.c

Microsoft and OpenAI caught them by surprise and they’re trying to catch up. Now they’re overdoing it.

I dont think they were caught by suprise considering that Google has a vast amount of data that can create one of the mot lethal AIs. I think they were just slow. Then again its not like Google heard of GPT and started creating Bard, such a tool takes years to develop

Google has been developing its AI for years.
But Google didn’t know that OpenAI would release a more advanced AI model that what it’s been working on for.

OpenAI forced Google to release it’s AI model earlier than scheduled.

Bard is not even close to GPT-4. In fact, no AI model comes close to GPT-4 at the moment.

From Google’s leaked document, a Google employee also admitted that the company doesn’t have a competitive advantage.
They’re now copying open source AI models to become more creative.

Siku hizi natumianga Bing

Hii imeua traditional blogs.

Not really. Traditional blogs will have an advantage since they can talk about things that AI is restricted from talking about.

For example, an AI can’t tell you the best lanyes joints, why Joe Biden is not fit for president or transgenders have mental illness – unless you jailbreak it.

As AI models become more smarter, it will be more difficult to jailbreak them.

Most traditional blogs will be hit.

Many Blogs are created with the intent to rank first, then monetization via ad networks.

What you have quoted mainly works in adult and ad hoc ad providers.

Most Ad networks won’t monetize anything on misinformation, malinformation, adult, etc.


I kid you not.

Screenshot (66) - Copy.png

Uliupload file gani?

[SIZE=7]Gazette Vol. 99 28-4-23 Main .pdf[/SIZE]

then the discussion took of from there.

How many mbs?

How is writing nowadays?

Kuna any hopes ama final death bed?

My situation isipo improve naona nikishika second hand desktop nirudi writing

What exactly do you do man?