AI generated robot Mackenzie has led to wiping out a whole village

This is the future of human extinction. It started with human beings being convinced to receive the COVID jab

Unasema nini guka


Few selected human beings in future will be used to bring deception

Nataka nikuje huko laikipia upatie Enigma pre wall very soft meat

You are welcome ogwambo

Tupewe historia ya hii mtu McKenzie. Who is his mother, what school did he attend, who were his playmates, what was he like as a child; is he a distant relative of @Yuletapeli ? etc. He obviously wasn’t leading by example. The SOB seems quite physically healthy, yet those who thought they were following him are dead.

how the hell did you deduce a lot of information yet the dog shit Mbuta hasnt posted that much info

Oh, just provoking @Yuletapeli to comment on a rival conman. I find that tag very funny, like he’s so infamous that people usually point him out of the crowds in the streets, “Yule…!”

:D:D the other word that I find funny is “mlaghai”

Ghasia takataka njaruo kipii wacha matusi