Ahsante wadau

For those who have been with us since the upgrade nawashukuru sana. Peweni Moja Kwa bill ya @Deorro.
Naona Sasa Kijiji inachangamka.
Thank you guys.
Kwa wale walienda shini ya maji after the upgrade, karibuni tena.


Ulipeleka wapi kcr zetu?? Ama ulinunua nazo hyo Sony 60" HDTV :smiley:

I can’t see pics from my old threads.
I keep getting asked if I really want to like a post.
And sensible talkers are running.

@Deorro uka haha.


Makanika naona umeamua kucheza guitar

I agree with you. They are on the run. They come read and go. I know as some are my inboxers.

hii tutaona Labour day

kuna vitu zinakuwa fiksed pole pole. We don’t work on this fulltime, we have lives n jobs to live to so itabidi mvumilie but with time all will work fine.
hata mimi I am asked if I want to like some posts. It’s normal, tulia.
Talkers joining and leaving is normal, nothing wrong with that

Ng’ombe hii site imekuwa meffi. Threads hazipatikani. Mbisha zangu za kifikifi na magari haziko.

All threads which was a major complain after the upgrade has been available for the past month https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?all-threads/

if ni another issue then you can describe it here n we will help. Also you can use the search bar and Google

is this the part where i talk about slices blah blah blah pole pole?:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D[SIZE=1]just kidding[/SIZE]

I can trust you Sis on many ishus but not anything to do with this creep. Sorry. Am I the only one that complains about his idiocy…errr no! I do not misunderstand him. I understand his stupidity. For me it is the reverse. I actually believed in his ‘purported’ genuineness back in the day. Wee apana. Which MOD argues with punters? it all goes down the drain.

Tell him to learn how to deal with old folk like us. He is hated by many talkers just that we re not able to block MODS. Serious talkers leaving a forum is a signal. We been on the streets for a while. I like it.

He is very unbalanced. Probably bipolar. But we get that. Having said that that there are talkers that believe ktalk revolves around them.


My issue with threads is, kitambo they were chronologically arranged, by created time. Which was super easy to find the latest posts to the earliest ones.

Sai they are sorted by last comment time. So if someone comments on a 2017 thread today, it is elevated as a “new post”

Or maybe I don’t understand what “new post” is?

Si ndio nakuambia that issue had been fixed kitambo bana

kuna hiyo "All threads " button, click on it na utaona the old chronological layout. it’s even enabled on all pages


@Okwonkwo “New threads” is for posts with new comments. “All threads” is for Post in order of time created from the newest to the oldest like the old layout

Nikee uranyua Sis? Ngai:D…tell him to stay out of my threads, he invites the abuses and he is a MOD so should be restraining himself or using other handles. And all shall be well. The site is going down as has been pointed out by others that have not left because of his attitude. The others have left. When some heavy weights leave, there is no reverse. If Misterseed, Jukwaa, RCBOWEN are dead pls…
Actually got no time to talk about him anymore.

Asante for the clarification