Ahsante JaKuon!!

You created another martyr after Uhuru and Ruto:


I know that JaKuonists are in hiding on this board, but I dare any one of them with more guts than my friend @Ruffneck to refute a single word of Waiguru’s statement.

Waiguru ako poa…sasa Wakenya warudi twitter and act shocked and say how stupid those people are and how smart they are on twitter. Wavote pia huko

This woman procured dildos with public funds and is not even glowing


investigations are still going on …

Wewe sasa unakaa mca wa kirinyaga

As an adult, there are things you really should not say because they are too dumb even for a halfwit. Why would even a mkokoteni pusher or vegetable vendor need help buying a sex toy? The accusation says more about the accuser…

are you wise or what?

and the news medium that went to the market with the story…

You must have missed this part of that fantasy film:


Mangiti accused of giving false information to PAC:


Do you actually believe that?

If you were to train the youth about sex education, how would you show them how condoms are used?

you are wasting your “education” here…

Waiguru stole money. Kelele na kizungu mingi ni ya nini my frens.

Who phrased these words >>[I]kizungu mingi mnatufanyia cat walk hapa…


That she MAY have done, lakini mambo ya dildos ni propaganda.

[SIZE=6]Mangiti says sex toys were for education drive, retracts ‘erroneous’ report[/SIZE]
Nov. 09, 2015, 7:00 am
HIV kits, including condoms, were part of the Devolution ministry’s efforts to safeguard the lives of employees and their families, PS Peter Mangiti has clarified.

Mangiti further said penile vibrators were meant for demonstrations as part of the ministry’s education drive.

A Sh1.7 million screen, said to be in the CS’s office, is not a television and was bought at market price, he also said, adding a Sh235,900 piano was for the NYS music group.


Let me update you;

NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 29 – The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) now says Sh1.8 billion has so far been lost in the National Youth Service (NYS) scandal and not Sh791 million that had been initially reported.

EACC Chief Executive Officer Halakhe Waqo told the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) investigating the saga that they are dealing with 13 cases involving the NYS, aside from the ongoing cases on the loss of Sh791 million.

“By last December we were following the trail of over Sh1.3 billion but as of now we have nothing less than Sh1.8 billion; and the figure is growing and it might grow by next week because this is not a static figure,” said Waqo.

He added: “The NYS is a sort of a strange animal; it keeps on mutating, every morning bearing a new wing, a new leg, a new hand, a new hoof. I can assure you that nearly all people from all walks of life whether in the government or outside of government have been mentioned in the NYS probe, including MPs, Principals Secretaries, Cabinet Secretaries, and people who hold other offices. You can also confirm that my own chairman was a casualty of the same.”

Former EACC chairman Philip Kinisu last month bowed to pressure and resigned from office after the National Assembly’s Justice and Legal Affairs Committee recommended his removal from office.

I am Jubilee. I don’t agree with her nonsense.

NYS Cartels…you can’t keep a good man or woman down…