Ahmednasir anaskilia Duale wivu :Mandera/Garissa clan rivalry

Niko idle kidogo and looking at the TL of this mouthy lawyer, I would have expected him to mention Duale or even congratulate him on his appointment. Very scant mentions of the defence minister-the senior most Somali in government -which is indicative of clan politics

Do you know why you are jobless bwana sambaza ? Tweeting 24/7 and bringing your stupid findings here the way they were posted twitter ,hapa sioni any degree holder but a qwark who will tarmack for the next decade . stupid

And don’t dare delete these thread wakikosa kukushangilia vile uko na high IQ as a degree holder posting shieet from twitter to ktalk .shenzi mara mia

Nikama umenyonga na ahmednassir

Sometimes use your stomach to think hata kama akili hakuna .

Naskia Ahmednassir ni Marehan na Duale ni Ogaden. Kuna an ongoing heated rivalry for the control of Jubaland by the two clans.

The alshababs should kill each other for all I care.

There is a reason to why kulienda vile kuko. You hit me I hit you back. Chess 3D.