Ahmed Abiy

Is going nowhere[ATTACH=full]397816[/ATTACH]

We will send KDF to protect Abiy and the legitimate govt of Ethiopia. All terrorists whether alshabab or TPLF must be crushed.

Ability Ahmed is Gangster

Kenya should stay away from Ethiopia’s internal affairs. Lakini I’m sure the powers that be, whose sons are not in KDF, will accept any war if the price is right. Konyagi, Matiangi etc don’t give a fuak if your sons go and die in a war that is none of Kenya’s business as long as the cheques clear.

I agree with this statement.

We don’t need TPLF attacking our malls and universities
like some other cushites we know.

Laughing King

Musevenis are really supporting TPLF…

HE Uhuru giving advice to Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde and PM Abiy Ahmed Ali .


Hakuna advise anapeana. Yeye ni messenger kwa zile negotiations zinaendelea

Hata ingekua Arror angekua messenger but amechapa kama messenger wa mhindi

Uhunye is just a messenger wa birrioneas.

Alikuwa ametumwa to represent their interests.

Hakuna messenger wowote hua amenenepa/ kunona. Hakuna ofisi utawahi enda upate @kush yule mnono ndio messenger, nefa. Wote hukua wamekonda.