Ahmaud Arbery : Africans in Africa thank God coz Racism Sucks


RIP to Ahmaud
Not sure what Africans in Africa avoiding racism has to do with this when racism (actually ALL the isms) is so much worse in the continent. The sheer fact that Africans know about Ahmaud, Trayvon, Tamir etc shows you how much more valued blacks in America are compared to ones in Africa. There are countless of black people being murdered today in Kenya, Sudan, Congo, Nigeria, Somalia, SA etc…but you’ll never know their names because the world ranks black AFRICANS at the very bottom. We don’t even both to say black AFRICAN lives matter because we know it doesn’t register with people. This is harder pill to swallow than pretending that America is for some reason worse for black people than Africa.


The killings will never stop. It’s a reality African Americans will have to continue living with.

Killing in general will never stop. It’s human nature.

I meant targeted police killing of unarmed… never mind

In Africa a black person is among fellow black people. A black comedian I think Steve Harvey or some other black comedian said, when he first came to Africa, he’s never felt anything like it. It was the most amazing feeling. That everyone was black. Everyone from the beggar to the president. I guess you wanna be wazungus can’t understand that because yall so brainwashed that Africa ain’t shit and that you are special because you went to slave in a white man’s country. America is a good place if you are or were a poor man in Africa with no options. I know a woman who is a billionaire in Kenya, the 1%. I asked her why her and her husband who is my cousin decided to return to Kenya. She told me, it really was a no Brainer.

My brother, east or west, home is best. If a man whose ancestors were last in Africa pre slavery can come for a brief visit and feel something he has never felt in his entire existence. A feeling of belonging. A feeling of HOME. It doesn’t matter how long you live in America. It will never ever be home unless your skin color changes. Dark Niggah. Light skinned Niggah. Still Niggah. Poor Niggah. Rich Niggah. Still Niggah. At the end of the day in America, all you are is a Niggah.

I have a cousin married to a white man there. When her kids come to Kenya, they never want to go back bcz in Kenya they’re not niggas. In America even if their dad is white they’re still niggas.

Nothing has made me love and appreciate Kenya more than America. NOTHING. White folk love Kenya and Africa. Black Americans who return love it here but some brainwashed fools who have never appreciated themselves and where they are from, can talk shit about Africa. Africa is your motherland you idiots. If a person who’s ancestors were sold into slavery can recognize that, how delusional can you possibly be.

We are in solidarity against racism because we cannot relate. I have never been suspected of being a thief when I go to any store purely because I am black. I’ve never been chased down by the police because I am black. I feel very safe and secure in my country. In which I have lived in different parts. Alone. Safe. I have lived in houses with no gates, no fence, no burglar proof and I was completely safe. There’s nothing you can give me to make me leave Kenya or leave Africa. Absolutely NOTHING.

Our leadership made you leave Kenya so don’t take it out on me. Even kids know Africa is home and east or west home is best. Even those wazungu don’t want to return back home. Wajinga nyinyi ndio munaona huko ni mbinguni.


The people killed in Africa, are not killed bcz they’re black. That’s what the difference is.




black americans n takataka and stupid who look down on africans yet we share the same skin, hata huko majuu mzungu prefers dealing with an african than a black american

Here’s the thing. We ought to be more honest with ourselves and each other. I’m not a “foreigner” even as a dual national. I grew up going to Kenya on an annual basis and I’m very familiar with how things are kwa ground. With that said, let’s be real and stop lying to ourselves or pushing these fake narratives about how good Kenya is. I can assure you, Kenya is more racist, more tribalist, more sexist, more ageist, more ableist, etc compared to ANYTHING that you could find in America. Those Wazungus and Wahindi who run the country don’t have the same balls when you compete with them outside of the continent. The barrier for entrance for westerners is so low in Africa, anyone can get in.

If you are wanting to return as a Mzungu/black American etc, they’ll change papers and ignore laws to keep someone in…but the same African governments will hound BLACK Ugandans, Somalis, Sudanis and other Africans trying to move to Kenya kama South Africa. But even with easy movement, you don’t see black Americans moving to Africa en mass. The ones that do, don’t stay for long. You might not see the oppression & murder in Africa as being race based but it is. It is by design for African (black majority) countries to be deliberately chaotic and unstable. Haiti kicked out all the Zungus and by design, their economy was halted. Africa is on a similar boat so it very much is racial.

I appreciate you showing solidarity to black Americans but I don’t understand the backhandedness. It’s like if someone living in a “mansion” in Karen had a house fire and people from Kibera across the road came crying and wanting to help… it’s not bad but confusing when the criers are essentially homeless squatters and the “victim” in Karen will get by. It doesn’t make sense. The Kibera squatters would be better placed to help/cry for their own slum dwellers who suffer daily in poverty but I guess it feels good to see someone higher ranked suffering because it “brings them to earth”…sijui Kama ni uchuki ama wivu but it’s overrated.

You spoke my mind.I have no plans of leaving Africa, in the future ,people will be fighting to come to Africa.

Dude, what are you saying? Africans in Africa die, in droves every year, because of wars, famine, preventable diseases, and other causes stemming from impotent leadership and shitty governance frameworks. However, they do not live in fear of being shot while jogging in THEIR own neighborhood because of their skin color or stopped for a random check by cops before being gunned down, don’t get things confused. Sure, they might be killed by petty, gun-wielding thieves or get an accident while trying to avoid massive potholes, but that has nothing to do with hate. And don’t even start on VALUE. Blacks in America are not valued by anyone, not even their own kind, instead they are a source of ridicule and moving targets. They receive attention because of the ubiquity of their existing stereotypes, which must be perpetuated and justified by the system. Tribalism is worse in Africa, but not racism.

Kenya is not a paradise; in fact, it is socioeconomically worse than America. Nonetheless, you can be as successful as any white American but you could still get wasted by a redneck cop while out shopping in the mall. Compare that to being among your ‘people’ and feeling comfortable in your skin, anywhere anytime. Yeah, trips on an annual basis:D. Nothing else to say here

It was Richard Pryor.

You’re very right.
The problem with the view of immigrants on Africa is neocolonialism.
You see, foreign media houses will always portray Africans as the lowest of humanity with people ravaged from poverty, disease and natural disasters. That nothing good will ever come from the continent.
The sad thing is that even our people that immigrate there turn and despise where they came from.

That’s because they lose their souls there just to conform. You don’t have to sacrifice the essence of knowing yourself and your worth because you have immigrated to a Caucasian society, when you’re still just a nigga in their eyes.