Agwambo: Product of premature ejaculation

Baba ya @Agwambo accidentally impregnated a street walker, when he suffered incontinence pre cum moment after seeing an unshaven dirty bush. It has been theorised that he had paid an expensive 3 star hotel for 2 nights, like any aspiring jaduon’g would do, but then shit happened.
Research Questions
1.Is @Agwambo still annoyed at his father for making him a product of premature ejaculation?
2.Does being sired by a weak foolish man and a miscreant make @Agwambo illegitimate?
3.Was @Agwambo birthed anally?
Literature review to be done

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Semi literate post by a uncircumcised tranny by the name of @Josto_Bwaku .Najua sai umemesa panadol juu ya kuumwa na kichwa after ku google hio kisungu yote.Umbwaa.