Agony that would come with being First former...

#WhackyWorld 3
with Michael Muraya

Is this guy a talker here. Pliagrising stories from to ktalk to people daily. I thought newpaper writers were better than this[ATTACH=full]30445[/ATTACH]


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I have seen so many stories move from Klist to mainstream media, and now Ktalk to mainstream media. people no longer work for stories; explains why journalists too have the balls to bring their stupid opinions to the table when all they’re supposed to do is prod for answers from interviewees.


im guessing admin hawa understand anything about intellectual property na wao ndo walibendover juu ya ile story ya kushare gazeti

Robert Alai stole a picture from Ktalk and tweeted it. How did i know? i am a multi tasker…i normally have like 5 open tabs running on my browser a. A Ktalker(can’t remember who) posted a photo of a kid who had built a home made bike …kidogo on my twitter tab naona tweets zimeingia…i go and see Robert Alai ame tweet the same photo…walae!! Robert Alai is a Ktalker lakini not for contributing but kusorora and steal.

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hehehehehehe. Just make it a habit of following the mainstream papers too. Most “public figures” too fish for stories to update their fb and twitter from here.

That is why I request @admin to let us raise the black flags. No more banning and stuff. We make such content that only a madman would dare publish.

What we can do ni kila mtu aregiste twitter hapa then when one of our hekayas is stolen we march to that stupid app and attack the culprit we expose him for what he is. I remember Robert ALai once exposed Caroline Mutoko for plagiarism and it worked very well.


Robert alai =maragoli nyamdog