Agnosticism is the belief that one cannot know whether there is a god or not, and so one must reserve belief, either way. From the outset, it seems like a particularly noble position. Of course there is no way of disproving god’s existence. So they, these agnostics, sit on the fence.

My issue with agnosticism is that the term seems to encompass not just a non-belief in belief, but also a non-belief in non-belief, or rather, a certain reluctance to not believe in something one can neither prove nor disprove. Which doesn’t make any sense.

See, atheists don’t claim that god does not exist. They, we, claim that there is no good reason to believe in god – evidentially, logically, reasonably, etc. We don’t pray, we don’t go to church, we don’t worship, we don’t form our basis for righteous action around sin or any other religiously determined playing ground, because we wouldn’t know what we’re praying to, worshipping etc., nor why we’re doing it. We are a-theists.

The agnostic’s position is, “I don’t know what’s on the other side. I don’t know, and so I’m an agnostic, not an atheist.”

By saying, ‘I don’t know whether there is a god,’ the agnostic is not saying that he or she neither believes nor disbelieves in a supernatural entity; the agnostic is saying that he or she does not know whether there is a supernatural entity. Their belief is reserved. They have no faith, either way.

The way I see it though, not believing in something does not naturally imply a positive belief in the not. That is to say, a suspension of belief is the atheist’s position, not a straight up disbelief.

Therefore the agnostic does not believe in a supernatural entity in much the same way an atheist does not believe in a supernatural, governing entity. Does the atheist believe that there could be some celestial dictator lingering somewhere up in our galaxy’s parallel recesses? Of course he does. Because the atheist does not assert that there is no god; the atheist merely asserts that there is no good reason to believe that there is a god.

Is there a bad reason to believe that there is a god? Why do Kenyan atheists have a problem with believers?

Sounds like the Schrödinger cat. Complex-valued probability collapses are not just driven by conscious observers . Belief in A god as a superposition , existing or not,is a paradox, flaw ,unfeasible, or working against itself.

I’m not an atheist but I’ll say this much. They do not necessarily have a problem with all believers, but Kenyan believers. You see, a typical Kenyan believer holds dear beliefs that were ingrained in them since childhood. That person can’t entertain the notion of there not being a god. If such a thought ever crosses their mind, they’ll spend the rest of the day repenting and beating themselves up until they get a chance to confess. SMH.

Yaani that person has never tried to critically think about the reasons for their faith. I think that’s why Kenyan atheists call them out so much, because they want such dweebs to challenge their faith. It’s not about denying existence of a god, but having people take more ownership of their faith.

Anyways, I believe that the universe is full of possibilities and I’m open to the idea that anything can be the case but certainly not in the way religions want us to believe. In that sense, I’m a possibilian. On the other hand, if you think about it, the universe doesn’t need a creator to exist if it’s existed forever and forever will as science holds.

However, no creator doesn’t necessarily mean no god. God can be anything you want “him” to be - from the laws that govern the universe to whatever your ancestors thought he was.

Usijindanganye ati hakuna maombi, hata mtoto wa 5 minute old anaombanga titi la mamake, objectives za maombi ndio huchange as we move on with life.

Kumbe hata wewe kinyozi uliattend the 1927 Solvay Conference?

Like feminists, they only exist to challenge the status quo.

The Universe is 13.4 billion years old as per the Big Bang model. It has a beginning.

The big bang was not the beginning of the universe. It was a singularity that led to the emergence of the universe as we perceive it today.

You are God so who is another God is you are the God???

I consider myself more inclined towards agnosticism than atheism simply because I agree that there is no logical, reasonable evidence to believe in one. If anything the religious books were written by individuals who would misdiagnose a schizophrenic as a possessed being. The church and the bible are by far the worse at confusing people. Islamism reigns in the blindest and uneducated followers. All people at the top of thesereligious pyramids don’t even believe in the hogwash but mint money of you goats.

On the other hand, i have had some very personal spiritual experiences, of which i know are not delusions or hallucinations. It’s hard to explain but when you come from a very spiritual family- it’s sort of like you’re able to see past the veil and beyond the illusions and deception implemented by the elite. For me its a very personal experience i share with a few. Never be worried by the limited info you have or the quest to understand everything. Just dont be a blind sheep kama zile za kijabe

Myself I believe in many gods. Many spirits as per my African background. There are gods for good and evil gods. There are gods or spirits for the rivers, forests, mountains etc. So what will you call me?


Like your motha

Are you suggesting that humanity must never evolve? or socially or otherwise? Which status quo should be maintained and which should be dropped?

if juvenile insults and retarded opinions are all you’ve got, kula block

Depends really on your definition of evolving.


I see the route you have taken

You put forth a premise of an unevolved humanity, tell me what it is about humanity that is wanting evolutionary wise?