Aging in marriages

I’ve come to realize that, when couples age in marriage, they tend to look alike. Juzi nakutana na beshte yangu, tulikua na wyf and the dude asks me if she my siz,he inst the first one by the way.

Yaani mnakaa na bibi ,to an extent of looking alike, its a blessing. Talkers what your take on this ??

There’s actually proven science to it. Look it up.

Anataka kukukamulia khupipi…

That is true but research also shows that we tend to unconsciously select people similar to us as partners

Yeah, and those women who receive sperm from lots of different men tend to look no so good as they age.


There is something called Convergence of Appearance. The longer a couple stays together the more they look alike.

Personally, not once nor twice the Same question has come my way. I have a twin sister and people just ask me while tuko pamoja na khupipi. Is this your twin we hear about??? Mpaka bibi unashtuka.


How come obako hafanani na lucy the iron lady of muthaiga.


My husband is often mistaken for my dad so maybe yes …

If you are what you eat, and you eat the same food almost daily, you are bound to look alike. Just saying.

In that case,I will end up na rangi ya kiwi.


There’s something not quite right here.

Which research?

How old is your better-half ?? hapa kuna *chida

Asande mama,ukifika joint yako ,tuma paybill number

Are you always this slow. Google “why do ageing couples look alike” ! Na uwachange aibu ndogo ndogo. Ama tukuletee studies kwako nyumbani

Maybe NO, seems you married a sponsor hence the resemblance with your dad. But then again, he is reach:)