Aging beta male release letter


ati huyo wife shine eye was threatening to kill him. So the man hastened the move

Stephen Karanja and the wife were planning to kill him but he did the job on their behalf. Ûrimû nî ta ûthûngû!

some in-laws are sitanic. Hiyo umbwa ilikuwa imeona wakule vitu za bwana ya siz wote wawili. Probably the nigga would have turned on the sister and extorted her or killed her too after he got his loot

Sure. True demons exist in this world than any other place in the universe!

The man did good.

I married a [SIZE=6]counterfit[/SIZE] wife.

Haki ya walahi huyo mwanamke alijua pesa huwekwa kwa counter.

eti…“I didn’t know I married a counterfeit wife.”

KEBS to be called in as key witnesses to ascertain the authenticity of the said wife.