AGI Artificial General Intelligence

Hii kitu is more intelligent than 99.9% of humans.

Evolution dictates that homo sapiens will be rid of soon as they no longer serve any purpose.

I expect AGI robots to clear off Africa and have it replaced with AGI robots clones in the next 100 years or less.

Kama a whole country intelligence ni sijui Chira homo sijui Benny Hinn na Jambazi as technology shifts.

It’s Luwere for Africa. Wipe out coming soon. Hakuna benefit ya mbuzi imekalia mtama.

The public conversations and lawsuits eg

A crazy lawsuit fight by billionaires who will be super humans soon and wipe out y’all.

As compared to Sijui Chira and Jowie public content. Luwere.

While president jambaz ako crusade ya Benny Hinn Dunia is moving so fast and furious that it’s inevitable a wipe out will happen soon.

Why don’t bonobos ever learn. It’s because I now know that we’re it not for the mosquito and malaria, it was only a blip they existed. To worship Benny hinn and tiktok maitis kama Chira until the next cataclysm.

Fare thee well.

A people devoid of intelligence apart from monkey business. People who saw all their brodas wiped out and never learnt anything new. All history shows that only Africa survived the genocidal clearly out in all continents. The number coming up

The average human conversation here ni matako. Meanwhile matako yenu iko motoni.

Hii ni Handwriting ya you know who!

Kumbe un handles mingi hivi?

I am disappointed I don’t have my robot reply to you broda yet.

You, Chief of bonobos who reminds me of King Julian in Madagascar 1.

Scared of the sijui world foosas who sends his son to figure out New York giants alex

Ai can’t replace utamu ya sex

If you seize to exist, so will that utamu.

Bro, you are right, nyonga while the sun still shines.

Maybe only the guys in Kamiti understand tech and can rescue the malenges in raiya who are brainwashed sheeps awaiting slaughter. I would fund tech training kamiti banae.

The leader Jambazi, ni Benny Hinn Kanyari mongrel who kamiti boys all know they adopt christianity to survive sodom.

How would one introduce tech grade 3, 2 and 1 in Kamiti. With freedom for national excellence. :smiley:

niaje @horus

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Speak or be silent Boss. Maratawe. Sasa umesema nini? I am who I am.

Kwani hujui nani chief bonobo. I am who I am.

Who I am is just who I am. Post inakile inasema sio poster. Elewa or tokomea. I am Pitbull end off

Shenzi, the royal family has magazines dedicated to them that whites buybin droves

Meghan is trying to milk that avenue with her new business venture


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