agent coming too close

did i hear that insurance sales agents are like open for ‘talks’ like bar attendants? I have this nice luhyia momma coming very close and the discussion often diverting form policy to personal issues. business meetings end up like dates. but the big issue is she is married, and hubby is working in distant county comes weekends. do I escalate and smash ama niache. chances of succeeding look like 95%. momma ako sawa, not a 10/10 by looks, but an acceptable milf. anyone nailed insurance agent chini ya maji? no pics, sitaki kufuata @Kidinyi

I know one who works in Liberty life,when she started off I think she fucked nearly all Doctors in Doctors plaza.She has been in the industry sincE 2012 and has changed cars from a Colt to a Subaru WRX 2011.Her whoring days are over though.

Lipa permium mzuri upanuliwe mguu

One day on your deathbed when you know it is all over, you will wish u had smashed that big fat pusy to oblivion…but it will be too late

Radiographic image of that insurance sales agent please…

The problem is that you think you are exceptional,laiti unge wajua

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lete hekaya

Ujue married woman hapendi condoms. Ukifungua hiyo chapter utaishia kudunga bibi ya wenyewe mimba.

Cheza chini Bro. :smiley:

Inbox me her number ki-FBI I buy a cheap PI cover. :slight_smile:

whoring is a side hustle for some of these insurance ladies, labda anangoja useme bei na wewe una dilly dally

Hapa hapana shida, watu wote are old adults and very sober minded, either way, they chose that kind of dealing, nausije ulie kisonono

even before the dandora storm settles another one is brewing here .

Actually people speak about their families wakienda kukufa
But in ur comfortable chair with a view of uhuru park. Its normal utafikiria raha tupu

If its an insurance lady who talks about business in a bar or a lounge just know you are not the only one. Most probably there a million and one dicks that have ploughed that pussy. And she will use her pussy to make sure you take up the insurance policy. Chances are she’s being friendly to you so that you sign up for the policy.

when i was in formal employment, i was approached by a certain insurance lady kama huyo.
she used to put on very seductive revealing clothes and would call me at odd hours.
let’s say one thing led to another and i ended up ferking her, not even once. i did not sign up for the insurance coz i was on contract, but i kept telling her that i’d be confirmed soon and join…sijui kama ni tafash but my contract ended abruptly.
so bro kama ni kumtomba usimpe matumaini, wacha ajue kimbele ni ngono tu

Kuuza insurance sio mchezo and ladies achieve better sales becoz they have a comparative advantage.

I have screwed 2 (Britam and Jubilee, though i paid them like the usual hoes), and i know one who is currently on CL and works with Britam and is also a masseuse huko leafy surburbs.
Most of them ho around coz they got alot of free time after meeting their daily targets.

now, I fear insurance ladies. there was one hot one who used to call me at odd hours but I resisted the temptation.

when i come to think of it, insurance sales agent are not paid a salary. they hustle hard and their only income are the commissions. so, inabidi wapanue miguu ndio waishi hapa Nairobi


jina lake la kwanza laanza na “c”?