Agency/Distributor Business

After the banks have tried and succeeded in the agency, just saw that The Standard Group is also outsourcing distribution of its newspapers - The Standard and Nairobian. They have stated in the ad(in today’s standard) that the commissions are handsome

Wadau, do you think this thing can ‘nukisha kitunguu’ proper?

He…he…times are hard. The paper isn’t moving. Their monologue opposition articles aren’t selling the paper. They can’t even afford to distribute it themselves so they are pushing it to gullible people in the name of “agency”. When you see a newspaper can’t even pay its vendors then be careful of putting money to it.

Biz za distribution zina pesa serious. Shida utaambiwa minimum capital ni 10 mil na bank statements za 20 years:D…pia utaambiwa uache watoto kama collateral:D