age of consent

police have been looking for a cousin of mine saying he impregnated a girl in school. The said girl is 18 years of age. The parents of the girl did not press any charges. Are they allowed to do so?

Police are looking for him as a way of investigating the matter ([SIZE=1]na kupata kakitu)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]You say she is 18, but that can only be determined after an investigation and a medical report.
This may take him hadi court.
Parents have no case kwa defilement… the logic is, parents are not the defiled… and the defiled is a minor and is therefore legally incapable of making their own decision… she cannot say hajakosewa or amekosewa.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]mtoto ni wa serekali in this regard.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Tell him to ride it to the very end. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Kumbuka, hata ka mtoto amebakisha one day to be 18, bado ni statutory rape[/SIZE]

May your cousin hide for 5 yrs or more may he go to a neighboring country thru porous borders…

Juzi, there is another one I know. The lady he was seeing is 24 yrs old, but she has 3 underage sisters/cousin she looks after of 17, 16 and a cousin of 17. The younger girls hung out at his place but nigga has not tapped.

He lost his job and has been unable to entertain this hoard of women. However the older one has said that she has evidence she will use if he doesn’t give her some monies. Apparently the older one has been using the younger ones phone to sex chat with the nigga all this time… He is not safe and has hence entered mitini. He left his life in Nairobi and couldn’t take the blackmail anymore…

Anyways it’s life I guess, happens in many different ways

she’s not a minor… she’s 18… happened when she was still 18

she’s 18… hamuoni hapo


waiting card

Hatujakataa she is 18, but facts can always be conjored and manipulated. Eg. The parents could press that she either be married or she will claim he has been taping for 2 yrs as they look for a huge payout. …

Unapelekwa Infront of a female judge na chako kimeiva

Kumbe hata wewe unaeza ongea coherent na mambo of substance

Poa then …let him communicate with the lady achukue copy ya waiting card.

Two, its only good for him to take care of the young girl and kid… possibly marry her

Three, if this were my sister or daughter i would cut off your cousin lollipop and feed it to him uncooked

Weeeh he is exposed as waiting card is not a recognized identification document. … Itaanza kukuwa age she said he said… And now that kuna mtoto involved…

Are you aware mtoto wanaezafanya azaliwe ata mapema na one month ndio isemekane alitap one month earlier than she was 18 yrs old

they married… live together. he has even paid for her school fees and medical fees. The family waliitikia it happen but juu ni kijiji, someone pelekad mushene kwa police and they started investigatinng

the family is okay with it since he took responsibility of everything andd even took her to school

:smiley: damn! That shit funny af no offence. Huyo ameshikwa makagari na ile long nose pliers one false move (missed payment ivi) squeeeeeeeeeeze! :smiley: on the real tho huyo mse akubali ni game set and match na asonge akisonga serious. There’s pdf za how to disappear and live a new life ka Heisenberg in New Hampshire

The family is asking why they are investigating something which has no complainants and where the kid is 18. I think the police just want to blackmail the guy coz wanaona ako na kakitu.

leta hiyo pdf

Hiii ndio inaitwa kufixiwa proper… Hapa ata hakuna kujitoa ama loopholes. It’s a done deal

Unaingia darkest corner of mau forest after chukua slices

…but seriously, huyu jamaa akikula kavu dame young, hangebuy P2 ampe? We done shit but we got P2 on our side of the ring

infact, you literally stick that P2 in her mouth

alisema ilibackfire