Age Limits

After intense pressure from Japan and its local hitman Chris Kirubi who owns Isuzu together with a few corrupt elements at Simba Corp, the government has banned entry of used Tractor heads and Tippers into the country.

This is a good move. Next they should revise age limit for cars.

transport cost will go high.

kenya will continue to be shitty banana Nation

this is just a move to frustrate up coming hustlers shithole cartels

The negative effects are short lived. The actual benefits will be long term.

where will the upcoming get money to buy a brand new local unit of which their prices are on the higher side

what are the benefits? and don’t mention sijui carbon emissions

which benefits? hata trump alisema carbon emission is a hoax, kenya is a growing country, we should behave like one.

people formulating policy for govt are lunatics, spending power of wakenya has gone down from 5 years ago, nwadays watu wananunua 1300cc cars cmpared to 5 yrs ago people were buying premios and subarus. for me the age limit should be put at 15 yrs to accomodate the real status of the economy

yet we have 1980s tractors and lorries on the road