Age factor...

wakubwa most of you are married either by choice or accident, but there are several theories on the age your wife is supposed to be …
others say you should marry a lady whose younger than you (10 ) years or more and they have their reasons,others say you should marry a lady the same age as you ama slightly younger ( 2 or 3) years ndio muwe sawa kimawazo… what’s your take gentlemen and what worked for you?

First, who says the above?

In a state called kerala in india, its tradition to marry when you are above 35 years.
Since its arranged marriage your folks will find you a young girl whose age does not exceed 18 years.
One of our colleague is 39 and he went for vacation on Tuesday and will marry a 16 years on monday and on top of that he will recieve the dowry and live in the wife father’s house. Arent some people happy?

Haiyaye… Unacheka? Mtoto safi matiti ziko saa sita, ngozi nyororo, mtoto ame-grow up being taught how to serve and please her husband… Unafanya machezo.

Kurungara kwa nyondo ni magambo

How is this even a good thing???

I think he is talking of a house bought by the father in law[ATTACH]159211[/ATTACH]

How does one get married by accident!?? :eek::eek:

This is the simp life… Like most men fall for a slut and get played into marriage by a bish… …unapata jamaa anapatana na poko kisha anoa (wazungu sana sana) then dem hata kabla apate citizenship asha gawa mali kwa jamaa mwengine hapo kando… This is an accident of a man without knowledge of what wife material is all about…

Marriage by choice are utmost 5%… the rest are through coercion, threats, intimidation, harassment, extortion, etc.
Ata hizo five percent ukichunguza saaana…

You think imitating the white man in everything they choose is knowing better…

Who said this is by the whiteman… You know in Germany girls get married before 18…i thinks its 15 but still is pedophilia…even states i think its 16…you still gobe blabber and give the whiteman the power and blame… to date… Wont lie these days these women grow fast almost had a close call recently but had to check ma self and say nope… Siko kwa hii cieth…pick a side but dont use such excuses. .

Sielewi hapo !

Na pia mnipe your examples mko category gani? did you marry older ladies than you, younger ama same age and what’s your experience?

yenye mi nimesikia ni ya pregnancy. Coersion na threats sijui. Explain how

Trust me shit happens some one night stands have led to many marriages.

You dont have to spend money to build your own house. You will only be sending them upkeep money.

No they get a room in father in law house, they cook together and do everything together.

Well thats is so uncool…explains why they made the kama sutra then… Ukiwa cuckold hivyo nna uko na bibi… Inabidii kitabu ili ucatch up time maparo wakidie ama wa move out…

Hata na dawa za Joho, never ever!

Not married but I would prefer ±2