Age difference in a relationship; Hapa ndio shida zinaanzia!

U really love this lady. . next time she gives u a chance
dnt eff up. . wachana na age gd nyte

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Best advice ever!:D:D

@kabuda methinks your are wrong on the lastborns part. at any home, attention is usually given to the first borns and lastborns. first born juu they are expected to act and set a good example to others that’s why first born akifail shule atagombanishwa about setting bad precedent. lastborns nao are just loved. they don’t get punished frequently halafu utapata when the other siblings need something from the parents lastborns ndio hutumwa. na pia the other siblings like ganging up against lastborns juu wanaona they are always favoured. as for middleborns hawa nao husikika wakifanya something exceptional other than that they are always ignored


Great read…thanks boss.

it all boils down to commitment towards each other/interests and long term goals

the ideal relashionship ni ya 2nd/3rd born vs 2nd/3rd born…first born is too controlling while lst born ni juaji na kubishana

Wanaume na panganga

I tend to believe that age is nothing but a number. What is crucial is the couple and what they want in a relationship. I once dated a guy 4 years my junior and we had an awesome relationship. I respected him, submitted to him and treated him like a man coz when i looked at him i didnt see someone younger than me but i saw a man. The bible directs us that man was given authority over the earth and everything in it including a woman. 1st peter chapter 3 tells women that when you submit to ur man, even if he does not obey God, he shall be won over by the Godly life of his wife. I reiterate that its not about the age but its about respect, having a meek spirit, its about wisdom. Any woman who decides to get married shud employ these attributes and that marriage will surely survive. A woman is the glue that keeps a marriage together. If she gives up, that marriage cannot stand. In kikuyu she is called “Mutumia Ngatha”. King Solomon talks about her in songs of songs. Marriages are failing coz of the issue of submission. But men are also contributing coz they have failed to love their wives like christ loves the church. If you love your woman, you wud never commit adulterly! So Kabuda, age or whether 1st born or last born has nothing to do with it. The problem is with our generation. We do not know or live our lives according to God’s principles! Ask urselves why our parents’ marriages are/were succesful. My Parents were married for 63 years b4 mum moved on to heaven last year. Wen i asked dad their secret, he told me he simply loved his wife, she was submissive and they both feared God. Thats the kind of marriage i wanna have! This is to all women, men find it easier to love a women who submits, i learnt from experience that when you submit n are a peaceful woman, anything you ask for, you shall recieve and anything you say, he shall agree. So you end up controling everything without his knowledge but without strife!


Well,i suppose it also matters how many kids in the family and the age gap between the kids.
You can just look at the age gaps in different families and you know for sure that someone was not a “planned pregnancy” yaani wewe ni kamponyoks!
If you are a kamponyoks ( the result of an unplanned pregnancy) then uko na chinda; and there are many of us around.We never feel quite accepted and we never fit in simply because we are here by accident! heheheheh!!

@Nananimpa ,Will you be my Wife?

Wow! you just made my day! Its good to know that there are women out there who think like you.We are a lost generation and i think we have lost our culture and deviated from the true teachings of the Bible but thank God that people like you remind us of what really matters. Sorry about your mum and have a blessed day!

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Truer words were never spoken. Sorry about your mum. I’m sure wherever she is, she’s proud to have brought forth such a wise daughter.

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About my mum. Am ok. I didnt mourn her coz she rested after finishing her job here of raising her children. She was 83 years. We didnt cry coz where she went is far far better than here. We celebrate her life everyday.

r u still together…malizia stori wacha nusu nusu…

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No. We had diffrent interests in life and decided to move on. We are still very good friends and very fond of each other. He is a member here n am sure he agrees 100%! A marriage needs compatibility and teamwork. Same interests in life are very crucial. I equate it to two people riding a motorbike, wen negotiating a corner, they both have to bend on one side, if one of then lean on the opposite side…the bike loses its balance and thats it!!


Reminds me of: Two cannot walk together unless they agree.:slight_smile:

mtaje ama ni paukwa pakawa!

draefrae ama na maganda

drae frae mtu nguyaz… tarimbo mpaka iguse shondeh ndio nichangamke… @kush yule mnono

Very true . . especially wen you let God be the foundation, lost my dad last yr n through out the marriage we never saw violence , story of other women despite mum being a housewife so she can bring us up.
there was ultimate loyalty n love frm both sides i guess thts wat i luk for. .