AGAIN, Tanzania burns another 5,000 day old chicks imported from Kenya

Tanzania has burnt 5,000 one-day old chicks illegally imported through the northern Namanga border with Kenya.

The Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Livestock, Maria Mashingo, said the unnamed importer did not have the necessary documents.

Tanzania says the move to destroy the chicks is aimed at preventing the spread of bird flu.

“There is no need of destroying an entire chicken sector because of only 5,000 chicks,” said Ms Mashingo.

About three months ago, Tanzania set alight some 6,400 day-old chicks worth about Sh577,000 impounded at the same border post, a move that was widely condemned by animal enthusiasts from both countries.

The move also escalated trade wars between the two neighbours.

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And why may I ask do people still have to import the chicks after the first incident?

But why burn, the tu-innocent things

Ukiona hii biashara bado inazidi the price difference for day old chicks btw. here and there must be big

It has to be

Tanzanians are naturally stupid. Chicks are not drugs. The government should just seize them and donate them to the nearest government agricultural research institute. This is animal cruelty and just shows how retarded Tanzanians are. Akili finyu sana.

Tanzanians r slow

I second this


Tupee hekaya vile pia wewe ulichomewa vifaranga

They are stupid. Why? why burn them? They could have sent them back.

I agree. Spare the chicks charge the culprits

Waiting for 50000-day old chick Makena to comment. Na ile chieth @T255.

The chicks were imported illegally…the correct procedure was not followed meaning the animals were not tested for diseases etc…wakenya ni shortcuts walipenda… destroying such livestock is normal procedure

Tanzanians are just taking precautionary measures to protect their birds. Quarantine measures sio mchezo in non shithole countries. Kenya kwa sababu ya corruption we have come to accept a lot of nonsense. Wakati ugonjwa inamaliza kuku in Uganda, ng’ombe zingine zinaimport mayai Kenya with facilitation from some people in govt. If in doubt, just Google measures in place in say the US.

At whose cost?

Or why not just force the owner to pay for a mandatory vaccination to be done by their authorities and just fine the trader?

Or just follow the law to begin with

This is my reaction honestly. Even more than the losses the businesspeople experienced.

That’s animal cruelty on another level. Si afadhali wangezi-confiscate? Story ya bird flu ni bullchieth.

Haki ya mungu leo nimeona ignorance ya maajabu. Ati quarantine measures? Ati animals were not tested for disease? Easy to tell a guy who actually works in the office in NBO and retires to his/her keyboard in the evening. From lungalunga to jipe to bomeni to namanga to isebania to the lake do you know how many animals cross over without ‘passport control’? Even wildebeast? Can you quarantine birds, some which overfly the border? Wacha niachie hapo