After stealing millions for years, Police officer kills himself two years to his retirement

You thought you would enjoy the loot? kufa kama doggy ghasia hii!
Kayole Police Boss Turns Gun On Himself Inside His Newly Built Mansion

Residents witnessed a bizarre incident on Thursday when a senior police officer based in Kayole shot himself and injured a civilian in Airway, Utawala.

The officer, identified as Superintendent Ezra Ouma, had called his station commander and threatened to kill himself before the incident.

Unfortunately, by the time she reached his house, Ouma had already shot himself in the chin.

There must be a woman involved


You can’t enjoy proceeds of crime and corruption


Psychological turmoils

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Naona @johntez_addi_gaza_ms akienjoy life pole pole

Only for a short time. Soon he will be sent to the maker by Pamba


Ukuta ya living room ndio fence?

Chances ni deal gone wrong. Afadhali ajimalise kabla cartel ikate makende ableed to death

One less parasite. Kenyan police is the scum of the earth. They should be sent to Haiti soonest possible, kwanza hizi umbwa za traffic.

na hiyo loot yoote, he couldn’t build a better house?