After seeing how Africans are treated in Ukraine, you'll regret sympathizing with them (Ukraine)


hehe. naambianga watu mkae nyumbani. develop your own spaces.

Natural slaves

Blame African leaders?
Sasa wakikuwa Twitter watasaidika? They went there and still are treated no worse than animals.

They were on picking up snake eggs expedition, guided by ignorance and an instiable need to be on the other seide of the fence

and we have all types of nighies not limited @levoyeur

they deem this as mahedereo


What do you expect from Ukrainian nazis

Naomba hii vita iteke Europe nzima kuwake muoto

And Africans are all over sosho media praying for Ukraine! Russia should use nuclear weapons on those Eastern European countries. Poland etc

Anyone who goes as far as East of Berlin ajue he is to blame, those countries are rabidly anti-black and extremely racist stretching all the way to Japan. I know K-talk is extremely anti West, but in Western Europe, kuna some semblance of dignity utapewa unlike Eastern Europe. If Western Liberal Democracy falls, that’s how y’all Negros would be treated in the world stage. So those Putin fan boys and Xi Jinping lickers should be reminded that those (mis) leaders are not woke enough to listen to your pleas of racism. To them, treating Blacks horribly is a perfect normal and acceptable behavior.

Hapa kwetu kungekua na vita, bonobo wange provide mzungu na ndege first class wa evacuate watu wao wote.Nothing to see here and not surprised at all.

Hivo unaambianga watu ni ujinga mtupu. Kile wame enda kutafuta huko kwao hakuna, alafu pia ujizi ya kudevelop kwao wanatoa huko huko walipopatikana na vita.

Kumaanisha wewe ni mtu bladfakin.


Poland has zero tolerance to arab and african immigrants

Yes watu wata amka.It will achieve two things: Humble the European and make Africans think because now the can’t rely on their daddy the white man.

Both west and east ni shit.Africa should look inward for solutions

Yet bonobos are the first to say"I stand with Ukraine"



Mbona msitengeneze kwenu kuwe na hizo vitu zinaenda kutafutwa huko.
How comes hatuoni hao wakikuja Africa kutafuta vitu zenye kwao hakuna.

Wewe ndio bladfakini ya kutosha

Doesn’t matter bro, the bottom line is that African should look inward to solve their problems.