After Running For 4 Years On Their own, Thieves Believed They Were Ahead, PANIC Engulfs Kenya Kwisha Camp

Mwizi started campaigning back in 2018 and had always believed he was ahead, reality is now sinking in. He was running alone like a mad man na sasa amechoka.

6 days to PRISON
[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]KATA MITI!!

Prison gani…Ruto is going to remain a very strong politician for the next 30years…and will most likely be president in the next 10years if he manages to control Gachagua, the monster he just created…no one is going to touch him.

As always, RAO winning in opinion polls…

If JSKS loses this elections his political ambitions will be over for good…apart from the obvious crimes which he will be persecuted for…the constitution (article 6 not sure) will be strengthen…this article has been ambiguous to interpretation and is the article that has allowed the likes of Sonko to vie and challenge the court

Running alone like a madman until a serious compotator shows up and reality kicks in.

Game bado Changa.


As Lee Njiru recently said, itabidi mmezoea hiyo sura ya Ruto for the next 30 years.

Secondly, itabidi mmezoea Ruto kama rais wenu wa tano.

Ni hayo tu kwa sasa!

Were you guys alive when Raila was leading in opinion polls 55% to Uhuru’s 37% yet still lost?

Ruto himself boasted he can’t be in the opposition that he rather retire for good. We can’t wait.

Thief Ruto has been in the opposition since 2002.

20072008, PEV and Church Burning organizer, NO Camp 2010, TangaTanga 2018

Liwe liwalo tukutane kwa debe!!!

This is an election you don’t want to underestimate anything.

Shida yenu mtapiga kelele na Ruto akiimgia muanze kusema vile kimeibiwoo

Ruto can only become president of the breakaway Republic of Sugoi

we can only be sure about this after we see how he survives away from government. He has never really been too far from power. that will also test the loyalty of his minions