After Losing Thousands Of Soldiers & Spending 2 Trillion Dollars US Exits Afghanistan

Cowardly Americans lose yet another war.



Don’t worry, Iraqi oil funded that





The only war USA has worn ni ile ya 1700s, WW2 against Japan and in their hollwood movies.:D:D

So all the jazz about delta force, navy seals, army rangers, Green berets sijui marines, night vision equipment, stealth fighters, apache helicopters is just hot air.

Well the US was never interested in winning because it was all about business. It’s called the military industrial complex. It’s in the best interests of most Americans and the gvt to stay in war as long as they can be because that’s how millitary industrial complex and military contractors make money from defense contracts which in turn employ lots of Americans who in turn pay taxes and the US can maintain low unemployment rates.
Companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, GE Aviation and even lately Microsoft and Google recently get huge defense contracts to build military equipment and continue to push for more defense spending and wars through Congress reps as they employ millions in respective States of Congressmen hence don’t have an option but to authorize more military spending.
Additionally the US defense ministry employ so many people as active service men and the only way they can justify this is to be constantly involved in war.

WW2 was won by Mr. Steel/stalin. The US just hastened it. The red army was planning to march onto Japan and the USA sought to outdo them. This is when Hitler knew he would lose
[SIZE=6]China makes its move on Afghanistan: Beijing prepares to fill the vacuum left by Biden’s premature military exit from the nation with $62B investment plan for its ‘Belt and Road’ program[/SIZE]
[li]American troops have finally departed their main military base in Afghanistan[/li][li]China has been waiting in the wings in order to do a deal with Kabul[/li][li]The country wants to extend its ‘Belt and Road’ program to Afghanistan[/li][li]Program would see a direct land corridor between Afghanistan and China through northwest Pakistan constructed[/li][li]Deal could give China strategic foothold in the region for trade with the country acting as a central hub connecting the Middle East, Central Asia and Europe[/li][/ul]

Naenda kuwatusi kwa groups zao. Anyone that lost a family member in Afghanistan ataniambia walikuwa wanafanya nini huko.

Let them fight until they decide to become a peaceful country.

Japan attacked both uncle sam and china while hitler attacked both stalin and france , misplaced priorities that came to bite them HARD ,i believe if it werent for the two fronts the axis allies would have won

Biden is a weak asshole…

One day, we’ll have a conversation on why Japan surrendered. Uncle Toms hawatapenda

Afghanistan…grave of the conquerers

But the US made deals with the Taliban’s before exit,no one is running from anything,the point is America first.They have served American interests,secured those interests by making deals with the Taliban’s.

Now it’s the people of Afghanistan to decide their fate alone.

Infact if it wasn’t for German scientists USA wouldn’t have been able to develop atomic bomb by the time pearl harbor happened.

How so? operation paperclip took place after the war.

America lost this one like they lost Vietnam. No matter how pundits try to spin it in the coming years, once again the ‘greatest’ military on earth has been humbled by a hardy militia.

They made no deals. They begged the Talibans to sign peace deal, whether it was done or not, nobody knows. But the other name for that is surrender. Anything lese is just meant for the consumption by the gullible American audience