After Destroying Eziopia, U.S. urges Americans to leave Eziopia now, warning there will be no Kabul-style airlift

The Biden administration is warning Americans in Ethiopia to evacuate immediately or risk being trapped if the civil war spreads to the capital.

What they’re saying: State Department spokesperson Ned Price said U.S. passport holders should not expect a Kabul-style airlift if the fighting reaches Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. That’s not going to happen, Price told Axios, calling the Afghanistan withdrawal a “unique and extraordinary situation.”


I suspect uncle Sam has facilitated arming and funding of Tigray rebels to undertake a takeover of the country whose economic exploitation is strictly safeguarded by the state.

Only the dumbest Ethiopians are blaming US over the collapse of their ethno-federalist nation. Abiy destroyed Ethiopia. I’m not saying Tigrayan elites deserved controll over Ethiopia forever but you cannot hope to erase a 35yr dictatorship in 3 years.

Welcome to US Ethiopians, surrender your weapons and resources to be free. Welcome Ethiopians

all the profit making Orgs na NGOs zilete offices Nairobi for the time being . zile chinese/japanese/korean EPZs zikuje kenya

Although Ethiopia has forever been plagued with political instability, I can’t find any justifiable reason to cast Abiey as a terrible leader.

But you are a Biden supporter.

Also kuleni ujeuri. Build back better.

Habari @purplessugarbaby aka @Trojanex

America didn’t destroy Ethiopia. This time if credit is to be shared it will be Abiy/Gebretsion/Aferworki/ and a motley crew of Middle Eastern motherfuckers who are benefiting from arms sales and expected take over of key industries once some calm returns.

You can blame America for turning Egypt into the behemoth it is. Misri is involved somehow.

Inviting Afewerki and his troops to invade Tigray and commit crimes against humanity isn’t justifiable enough?

Considering the tensions surrounding the GERD dam, Abiy somehow decided to flame tensions further by going after the one ethnicity that has needed a stable and united Ethiopia more than any other ethnic group. To make matters even worse, the ethnic cleansing campaign he led turned even the most moderate Tigrayan into a hardcore TDF supporter, one of the most notable being Gen Tsadkan Gebretensae, who was previously willing to work with Abiy( Gen Tsadkan Gebretensae: Ethiopia's Tigray rebel mastermind )

in one fell swoop, Abiy has managed to fracture Ethiopia beyond repair and totally discredit his Nobel Peace Prize. The term ‘terrible leader’ is fully deserved.