After Death

Today being a sunday , we got God stuff and all that kept me thinking…

wasee wakikufa huendaje? …

kuna msee alikuwa half way between worlds yani alikuwa karibu kuanga dunia manze.

i dont know what revived him but anyway, yeye alisema that he had memories of his entire life in flashbacks and after that he felt himself ( in spirit form) Travelling a road with no end.

multitudes of other souls were with him. They were walking and walking. alongside the road was a vast nothingness .

kuna venye nimeshtuka wadau …

ishi maisha ukifuata venye Mungu anadai, utakuwa sawa

Inaitangwa Near Death Experience (NDE), don’t know how truthful some of the accounts are but most are probably hallucinations.

Kuna siku niliwekwa ngeta and I had the same flashbacks. It was like a tunnel of visions.Yah that was not fun.

There was a time I smoked some good shit weed and my entire life flashbacks came, it was like time traveling in my mind going back to certain years with crystal clear memories

Afterlife is real. The account of Lazarus and the rich man in the bible is a similar example to that of this guy.

Hekaya ikam brathe

If you’re dead its the end of you. Each religion has its own version of the afterlife but one thing remains unchanged; death is inevitable.
Why should you sweat about what you have no control over? Live your life and wait for your turn :cool:

[SIZE=7] The Reality Of Life After Death[/SIZE]

Well said. When you die that’s when you will know what will happen.