After being shot 16 times, Tundu Lissu is still flapping his gums

Huyu jamaa ni mtundu kweli.

On the issue of being shot 16 times, how does someone receive all those bullets and still continue to function “normally”, even after 20 surgeries? I know he must be in some pain or discomfort, but still, he looks pretty good. Is it that Tanzanian assassins are just shit, or did they contract the same guy who tried to kill 50 cent?

Anyway, BBC’s Stephen Sackur interviewed him recently. Because the show is called HardTalk, he had to give Lissu a hard time, which made Sackur sound like he was pro-maghufuli :D:D:D:D.

As usual, the show wouldn’t make sense if the “civilized” white man didn’t demand to know Mr Lissu’s views on faggotry. Is he willing to move with the times and support homosexuality in Tanzania? Stay tuned folks!!

hii niliskiza kwa redio Leo asubuhi…good show. I don’t know whether this guy has the balls to take on JPM; he wants a security guarantee before returning.

Shot 16 times with a .22 gun, that’s why he survived.

I don’t think he’ll go back anytime soon. Maghufuli will do everything to frustrate his return. Even if he returns, CCM has all the resources to make sure he remains irrelevant.

Kwani .22 huwa haiuwi, ama inashoot pellets :D:D

Inaua if you are very close to the target. But from a distance you are just injuring him. It’s a close proximity weapon, used for defence rather than offence.

Was he shot 16 times or was he shot at 16 times?
I doubt if he was shot 16 times he would be alive right now.

semantics; but it was the latter.

Hujaskia akisema he had 16 bullets, stop trivializing the situation. Hata 50 cent was shot that many times na hakukufa.

He was shot at 38 times. 16 bullets entered his body.

when i google this is what i get

.22 Long Rifle
The .22 Long Rifle cartridge is a long-established variety of .22 caliber rimfire ammunition, and in terms of units sold is still by far the most common ammunition in the world today. Wikipedia

a rifle that does not kill???

Hehehe, ya pistol wamatissue, hata hiyo rifle is for hunting ducks and can’t kill big game.