After 20 years & billions of dollars, the American defeat in Afghanistan is far worse than the Soviet failure

As the last men of the dwindling American garrison in Afghanistan pack their bags, there is an echo of the Soviet Union’s own withdrawal from the country, more than 30 years ago. But, in truth, Washington’s defeat is far greater.
In December 1979, Soviet forces invaded Afghanistan to support the unpopular government of the ruling People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA). They soon found themselves bogged down in a bloody war against the mujahideen guerillas.

Nine years later, the Soviets decided that there had been enough bloodshed and, in May 1988, they began their exit. The final contingent of Soviet troops drove back across the bridge to the USSR in February the following year.

The pace of the Taliban advance has been remarkable. In some places, government forces simply ran away without a fight. The governor of Ghazni province was said to have surrendered his city in exchange for free passage out of the area. US-trained government troops have fled or deserted en masse and, in some cases, gone over to the Taliban. It’s fair to say that it’s been a rout, and the Americans haven’t even fully left yet. The government may be able to hold onto the country’s capital Kabul, but even that is no longer certain

Taliban will occupy the whole country by Monday. The speeding they are moving at suggest that the Americans have not been fighting but have been hiding in their garrisons. That is the only explanation why the Talibans are still well armed and equiped to take the country

:D:D Is this what international democracy looks like?:D:D:D

The Americans are begging Talibans not to attack their embassy in exchange for aid to future Afghan governments including Taliban government- NewYork Times

It is evacuation from Saigon episode 2

Oh boy,songeni kando,wanakuja na vifua nje kukemea hii posti. Yunaires steits never fails,loses,or give up. This is ruski’s prokopanda:D:D:D

Watiwe warudi kwao United Sodom

So all that jazz we hear of delta force, navy seals, army rangers, Green berets sijui marines are just hot air? They only win in Hollywood movies!

Is all :meffi::meffi:Bullsh!t. Watu walitombwa na malnourished Somali skeletons. They lost in Vietnam, Somalia, Korea, Afghanistan .

Americans ni takataka

Hehe I was shocked by the speed the Taliban is reclaiming major cities. Once I heard Mzito Trump anataka kutoa troops Afghanistan last year, I knew that country was going back to the dogs. After Mzito Biden gave the orders, I thought it will take a few months for the Taliban to come back but nope, it took weeks.:D:D Ni juzi tu Taliban have overrrun Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second largest province. US CIA estimates that by end of August/early Sept Taliban watakuwa wamefika Kabul. Infact they want to take over Kabul on September 11th as a big FU to Bush, Cheney and their cronies :D:D:D

From what I have read, Afghan National Army are corrupt to the core and they never saw themselves as a nation, that is why they are surrendering to the Taliban so fast. It is also a country that people never see themselves as Afghani but rather they identify themselves by their tribes and that is why nation-building efforts never took off. It is also full of mountains and people generally have no idea what is going on outside their mountain. Over 1 trillion USD and nothing to show for it.

Historia repeats itself.



The taliban in Afghanistan have now confirmed to BBC world news:
Women to wear hijab,
Stonings and amputations to resume,
Afghan President has now absconded,
All the girls at university told to sit home,
All land borders now under Taliban control.