Afrojiri SACCO

TGIF :). Watu wa-mark register. Welcome to Afrojiri SACCO. Time check 05:00HRS

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Morning, it feels like sunday while it should be monday.
Mid week hilidays should be banned.



:mad: stima zimepotea!

Great day ahead wanakijiji

Feels like TGIF ya pili this week ,good day all


Have a nice day.

Good morning everyone.
Hope you all enjoyed the Idd break. Nice day.

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Good Morning and Good Day to all villagers. Time check 6:15am .Enjoy

good morning. time to get back to work…

Good morning

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good morning !!! Niko ushago, can hear birds singing…so relaxing.


Good morning.
Happy Friday to all…

…do people in Europe and US have afrojiri sacco? (asking for fiud masho)

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Good morning all

I hear them song every morning and for that, I’m eternally grateful

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Lunch time kama kawaida, be safe out there.

Morning guys and gals,especially @aviator

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Good Morning Afro… Have a great day everyone!

huku ni wapi boss ?

Up lakini homa imenikalia.
Talkers can be mean at times., circle ya vumbistan kundustan imelengwa kabisa.