Afrojiri sacco

A beaut day y’all…


Good morning Gashwin. Leo mniombee sana. In a few hours we collect the results of my fav resident teen nephew. GCSE’s. My stomach is full of water. [SIZE=1]mae nda.[/SIZE]

Good morning. A good day to all

Good morning. Relax, your nephew will turn out alright.


morning folks

Good day village

House what is happening in Kigwaru and Ruaka? I am not welcome to your inbox hihi but apparently we have built in wetlands so Nema says?

Okiii Gashwin thanks for your well wishes. We were read a riot act this morn by my nephew that we are not welcome to school…for his results.
He said no-one is going with their parents so stay at home.

Hic. So we sat at home and kept calling the school…lakini kamepita with level 5 and and 6 in subjects that matter so much to yours truly. Languages and music. Mathafu ameanguaka sana:mad:. History and religion, I am so disappointed…level 3???

i guess the drift is he has had a fair performance…

Ya he did fairly well but could have done better but we have encouraged him. We were saying it is not the end of the world…mimi nikilia yangu yote…he is my boy as he lives with me. Amekata kurudi kwao. I have seen him go thru so much. So he is my boy…