Afrojiri Sacco

:sunny:Quote of the Day​:sunny:

“The real opportunity for success lies within the person and not in the job.” – Baby Panay

Love Quote Of The Day :heart:

“Love requires sacrifice but it’s worth it.”

Good Day.

my friend this is the proverbial ungodly hour. what’s up?

A beaut day y’all

alstroemeria/peruvian lily

We need to completely suppress this stupid Mau mau narrative

Wanna hold him tight as his breath mists your chest hairs? …with his breathing and heartbeat syncing the throbbing of your deek?

ndio umemaliza kupanua mcoondoo?

Good morning… beautiful day everyone.

@Baby Panay this hour though!

@Baby Panay kwani umetoka ladies night ndio kuingia kwa nyumba?

Hii swali yako inakaa ni ka ya mtu amekatwa Kichwa

The gay agenda pushers sometime mes act stupid. A simple good morning thread turns into a rainbow thread in a minute…sad.

Blame it on the AMG

Night runners in the village ?

Work. Nimeingia ile kazi ya @Meria Mata ya kuzurura nchi.

Naaah. Just work.

drop pin, labda niko very close tunaweza kunywa chai pamoja

:D:D Apana chief. Kuingia tu kazi.

@Mfalme Bingwa Scrotum umeleta umeffi in an otherwise good thread ever in ktalk

You seem to have been in the homo act in the wee hours this morning.

he posted with nostalgia.