Afrojiri SACCO

Goodmorning wadau na wadauress? Amkeni

Morning @Afro , talkers… Siku njema.

Morning and good day to you.+ all villagers



Morn Afro and Morn Haus Kasaman. Awake eating at 2:59 AM my time. Just plain sweet potatoes and fried tilapia fillets. V nice…

Pia Mimi niko Ngara eating sweet potatoes for breskfast…kujeni

A beaut day y’all

star magnolia

:DSiuseme tu waru na samaki eyes…

Good day everyone


:D:DApana it is good to be specific. Na kwanza I am learning how to prepare and eat fish so I can’t say fish in general as I only eat tilapia and salmon. I see some others with their mouth open and I kent bear to imagine. Fish eating is growing on me and am moving away from artery clogging red meat. Did they say meat eating goes with akoho drinking? think so as I do not drink currently. :wink:

As for sweet potatos, green bananas, beans, ndengu wacha nisiseme as mfuko unaungua while my Mum has the stuff by magunias. We have moved back to ethnic food.

You are welcome:D

You sound like uko majuu and missing kenyan cuisines. You are sounding like some of my relatives abroad

Niko Majuu but majuu mzuri as in I can get most of the stuff. I can get all the food just that if I convert the currency cost or think of my Mum’s harvests naumua na kichwa kidogo…:mad:
Your relas wako wapi?

mostly atlanta. Niliambiwa huko atlanta kenyans ni wengi hadi kuna church ya kikuyu service

ATL is great and yes that is true about Kenyans. Si maze tumejaa nchi za wengine? in Trumpistan jaribu Bothiton, Maryland etc Wakikuyu tusamehewe. Huku kuna mpaka Swahili service. Home away from home.