Afrojiri SACCO

Habari zenyu wadau? Its a great morning

Poa afro


Morning to all

Morning all nrb cbd hakuna traffic , kitunguu muhimu

Stay woke negroes…unless ni mkia ama 3some don’t buy into the farce that is valentines[ATTACH=full]224856[/ATTACH]

:sunny:Quote of the Day​:sunny:

Mistakes, Failures, Insult, Frustration and Rejection are part of Growth and Progress! :sparkles:Nobody ever achieved anything Worthwhile without facing these 5⃣ things in Life :sparkles:. Have a Lovely Progressive day ahead!

A beaut day y’all

anemone bordeaux



Sabah al-kheir to y’all

Good morning nyote

niaje 130kgs of adipose tissue

Don’t confuse me with hio khasia @Wakanyama

kwani hajui mimi sio ngombe?