Afrojiri SACCO

Goodmorning,when i wast little,i had a thing for big dirty SUVs. I found that masculine.

morning cardio session…y’all have a blessed day and make the onion smell.

A beaut day y’all…

black pansy

Mukubwa hio mahuwa ni ya mazishi.

[SIZE=1]pengine kuna kitu na-mourn this week.[/SIZE] it is beautyful all the same, isn’t it?

aki waluhya mko obesed sana na mazishi

Ata leo umeffi tu


Are they the ones who hire professional mourners to come and cry?

:sunny:Quote of the Day​:sunny:

No one has crossed the roads of success without crossing the streets of failure! God never promised us an easy journey in life. He has only promised us great destiny ahead! Have a Nice day!





I dont know whether its too early for this…