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Morning @Afro and everyone

Carpe diem

A beaut day y’all…

some red cactus

Good morning all

Good morning

Good morning all. Watu tunateleza na footsubishi hadi CBD, wish you a healthy morning walk

Kundumorning teacher…

Siku njema wadau

Good day ladies and gentlemen, some random photo [ATTACH=full]212874[/ATTACH]

Good morning y,all siku njema wadau at least Leo hakuna kutembea



Ati this is a tribe in Ethiopia


God loves his people, it’s raining this morning in Sonko’s Nairobi cirry. Pause and imagine if it was yesterday.
Have a dry day.

Asanta, but a wet one is not so bad either

They are the Hamer tribe and their lifestyle evolves on cattle just like the maasai

Lakini watu wengine hawawes wacha tupumue wakituambia vile Ethiopian women are hotter than us, :D[SIZE=1]( but kuna some Ethiopian tribes wahot sana)[/SIZE]

But hawa ni Mursi, Hamer dont do that lip thing

You are right, my bad