Afrojiri SACCO

Goodmorning to all. Rise up its a new day,and a #TBT.
Siku njema

Morning News: Trump

A beaut day y’all…
marsh marigold

Good morning people, hapa ndio waluhya wamenifikisha, nway blessed day. [ATTACH=full]206724[/ATTACH]

Good morning…interview jitters!

Relax, all the best.

Good morning ,wangapi waliona hii?

Feel free and all the best



Best of luck.
And please leave your sacarsm here :smiley:


Random pic.

Hi. How and when did you become village sponsor?

Who knows the relationship between these two?

First drones…

How’s the going Sir?

I guess it’s when I hit 10k comments
I don’t know how the system works

It’s getting better everyday, thanks for asking. Huku kitu ngumu ni kusafisha macho (hakuna haga) na kukoseshwa usingizi na Diwali celebrations. But at least stuff is cheap around this season.

It’s yours!

Goodmorning, @gashwin how is Embu today @It’s Le Scumbag how is it huko kwa creek, or is it across, , siku poa kwenyu wawili:D

My cousins should see this