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Goodmorning to everyone. Rise up, and welcome to Afrojiri.

Goodmorning everyone Starscream here and I’m pleased to report ule msee alikua anajaribu kupiga hii thread compe sijamuona.

Good morning wadau [ATTACH=full]202010[/ATTACH]





Morning folks TGIF

Random gif.


And another one bites the dust…

A beaut friday y’all…
ostrowskianum alium

Good morning Nairobians. Am in your city and I was surprised to see this…


Kind of thing I see only around prisons housing majangili sugu. Apparently Nairobi is metamorphing into one big prison.
What is?..

Have a secure day,wherever you are…

That name. Sound like the name of this dance…

Its to force idiets to use the foot bridge once almost knocked over an idiet hapo then he had the audacity to bad mouth and throw his arms in the air. We are a cursed lot pedestrians crossing when they want, drivers littering and overlapping venye wanataka.

Forces idiets to use footbridges…coz other idiets refused to acknowledge zebra crossings. Right?

The barbed wire is for discouraging ignorant kenyans from crossing the road where they arent supposed to,yet footbridge iko just metres away. Inorder to stop accidents from happening. Some ninjas still manage

zalamka nesa

Kigiriama + Kikamba =???

Btw if you Knock an idiet on the highway you are not charged


unajibu “Lamkaa”

Noted shifo