Afrojiri SACCO

Iz vipi wadau? Amkeni Its a new day,life is beautifull.

Siku njema wadau

A beaut day y’all

If you messed it up yesterday, fix it today.
Siku njema.

Yesterday you said tomorrow, do it now. Great day ahead.

First fix your hair not motorbikes alone. Good morning my future chairman

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Mko tu? Sawa…

Nduthi? Ama?
Hii ni slogan poa for a garage

Shelly Beach

When we were young, this is how you earned respect…
Sio kama watoto wa siku hizi the baddest ni mwenye ameiva fifa ya P.S

time someone called their bluff. already china and russia have agreed to use their respective currencies in their trade.

Watch out it’s the hurricane season.

:sunny:Quote of the Day​:sunny:

Great men are but common men more fully developed and ripened. -Baby Panay

Nko nko

then you roast them !
Good day villagers

Then Mr Trump comes with his “trade has been unfair to America” bullshit.

Not even close

Have a great day ahead people.
Nawapenda wote.