Afrojiri SACCO

Amkeni. Sleep is for the weak

A beaut day and week y’all
tiger lily

Nimeamka, mzito ameamka! *we need adidas juu chini back in his true form.

Blessed day all y’all.

Niko Niko

Mondays blugh!
Good day talkers.

:sunny:Quote of the Day​:sunny:

Singleness of purpose is one of the chief essentials for success in life, no matter what may be one’s aim. -Baby Panay

Morning and great day ahead

Ya’ll say morning like its a good thing…

Barikiweni sana wiki hii iliyoanza jana kwa wengine na inayoanza leo kwa waliobaki

Here is a random video of pain.

Good day friends…

I hate Monday’s but all in all,good day talkers

GoodMorning, Have a Fabulous Day and an Awesome Week…



Good day Afro and all in the village. Be blessed

I’ll sleep at the sunrise . Shukuru uliamka. Good day, brothers and sisters

Ulikesha !

It’s around midnight