Afrojiri sacco

Morning wadau?

Good morning. A very rainy morning in embu.

A beaut day y’all…ère_(Matthieu_Gauvain).jpg/800px-Scilla_bifolia_blanche%2C_Isère_(Matthieu_Gauvain).jpg

Good morning guyz, team usiku sacco ndio kufunga job. Awesome day everyone.

Morning talkers. Thursty thursdays people, weekend is here liven up and have a great day.

Morning y’all,
Thursty Thursday indeed…the last petrol station in my area code has run out of fuel…

Pole. Chin up.

A good day to you Afro and the others

Indeed raining, passed Embu 30 minutes ago,

Adopt cycling…

Good morning!
Seeing that governors have turned out to be murderers, am afraid for the Nation reporter in Tharaka Nithi after the governor there asked Nation to fire him ati he’s biased in his reporting.

Morning talkers, have a blessed day .

I’m good.
Route 11 and I are old buddies.

:sunny:Quote of the Day​:sunny:

“Every problem has (N+1) solutions, where N is the number of solutions that you have tried and 1 is that you have not yet tried! When you think you have a problem, don’t think its the End; its only a Bend in Life!” -Dr. Abdul Kalaam Azad

GoodMorning… :smiley:


Its raining in Meru too, long day loading

Perfect time to lose accumulated pounds that you have always been postponing to do.