Afrojiri SACCO

Morning ktalkers. Rise up tukajenge nchi.

Things seem to be getting tougher

Tusha njenga kuja upake rangi. Good day talkers and DJ Afro

Good morning ktalkers at least kavumbi kapungue good day talkers

Muwe na siku njema wakuu

Morning everyone,

A beaut day y’all


Morning Talkers, have a fruitful day

Watu wa thika superhighway holiday imeisha

Niaje V12?

How can schools open before month end ?
Those incharge of education are subotaging the gava !
All state agencies must be investigated, some senior ppl belong to kamiti , have a great day talkers

" Hope Bulldozers continue demolishing "

Good morning. Its a cold morning where I am trying to make a shilling…

Poa sana aVroMan

GoodMorning, :D:D:D:D:D…

V12 ni Vala 12?.. Cc @Fala 12

Niaje Scumpaka

Poa sana Vala 12…are you from Valahalla? :smiley:

No. I am vrom pakastan