Afrojiri SACCO

Goodmorning?. Its a TBT.

Good Morning…


Morning people. Dj afro ulikuwa umeenda wapi?

A beaut Thursday y’all…

Always pray to have eyes that see the best, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith.
. Good morning

Morning villagers and silent talkers !

Goodmorning fellas. This is fridays sexy sister

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Morning. hua Sifungui sacco on holidays and saturdays since on those days mimi huamka past 05:00am and i can only open it at 05:00am

Thursty thursdays. Danje alafu Dominos pole pole.

A good morning everyone

Morning talkers,
Have a lovely TBT.

wewe unaingianga dominos umenyamaza. sema ngwe siku moja umeze kanusu

Back in primary,we had that teacher who was the most feared na akiwa on duty,kengele ilie, pupils would really take off asikupate,after the rains the grass on the play ground would be very tall. As they say,boys will always be boys. So,we would tie it in knots similar to the one below…
Only that hio itakua like ‘U’ ikiwa upside down and anchored into the ground.
So you can imagine what happened to pupils whose legs got stuck wakiwa fullspeed when the bell rang