Afrojiri sacco

A beaut We’n’sday y’all…

day lily

Morning ktalkers…Have a blessed and fruitful day ahead

village idler morning

Niaje, village noisemaker?
Great day ahead, comrades. Own the day

Karibu daku… Toto wa Kiganda atanimaliza huyu.




Morning, Talkers…
Have blessed day.

Have you ever struggled to achieve something for so long but when you finally do it, it turns there was a giant ‘Now what?’ waiting for you at the end of it all?

The arrival fallacy is real.

Pole, madebe. Utakua sponsor when?

The irony.

great day y’all

Good morning fam [ATTACH=full]175503[/ATTACH]

Be content with how you were created.
This was one totally unnecessary death and you ask yourself, for what?

Great day to all

life is too serious take it eazy, have fun in whatever you do :).

Good Morning…


Omwami, why you am call me here?
(Watu watype hivi ndio ndugu zetu wa Tanzania pia waelewe.)

Morning folks

Asubuhi njema na siku murwa wadau.