Afrojiri sacco

A beaut day y’all

calla lily

Morning fam. Keep warm. Great day!

Goodmorning villagers? Mko vipi?


Nothing to look forward to this week and neither nothing to complain about.

Reptile of the year.
Testudinidae aka Opiyo.
@Tarantinoh ukileta hiyo mapua yako hapa nitaikata ukuwe na nostril tatu.
Siku njema wandau.

Morning y’all.
There’s gotta be more to life.

Where is at @Gio when he is needed.
I hear tortoise soup is a good fertility concoction.

Usitaje hiyo gecko mahali niko…

@Gio .

Kijana ya Awasi, that’s a very nice specimen

Inner peace:D:D:D, Guten Morgen…


@uwesmake wake up [ATTACH=full]174142[/ATTACH]

Kiulizo tuu, kama anaitwa Opiyo, where is Odosh/adosh?

I would have suggested a hook up but memories of Maanzoni are still too fresh.

Have a good morning

Listening to this nice luo tune;list=RDpCd-pLW61tU

Walikuwa wawili.
And for this question I’m making you an honorary Jaruo.
Taranrinoh Omolo.

Wadau niliresume gym after 2 monthhhhs breaki sasa kuinua mkono imekuwa ngumu.Isipokuwa hayo kuweni na asubuhi njema

:D:D:D Maanzoni was a good night.

I thought talkers or listers used to have these charity meetings once upon a time. Did you attend back then?

Very few talkers have ever met me in person.