Afrojiri sacco

A beaut monday and week y’all…

crocus nubigena

village idler mu-ancient good morning

Bless the week ahead.
May its challenges
not overwhelm us,
not discourage us,
and in all things
may we remember
you are with us
in our journeying,
your love our fuel,
your word our guide,
today and always.

Have a blessed week ahead Ktalkers.

Mornings all

Good day talkers.

@uwesmake wacha uchokozi ama urudi purgatory.

Blessed day and week ahead talkers :fist:

good morning all. have a blessed week ahead

Early bird catches the worm figuratively. Enjoy your day y’all.

A good day, good talkers!

:D:D:D:D padre umewai nyandua dem mukiaaaaa ? kwanza uanze na @Phylgee

Fist you too…

Morning Talkers, Always Remember…


@Jergen liking all replies .

Kindly leave your gay tendencies outside the sacco door where our doorman @uwesmake will take good care of them.:smiley:

Morning guys…
Monday… Urgh.

Today am moody.
@pseudonym , how do you deal with mood swings?

Ndio kuamka wadau.

Oh we all know my answer will be vulgar.

Ps:leave out the foreplay. Just get in, pound hard and most importantly, let it be with someone who will not cry rape.


You mean sex can relieve bad moods?