Afrojiri sacco...

A beaut day y’all…


A beaut day too…

Sunflower. :smiley:

[ATTACH=full]166057[/ATTACH]good morning villagers. blessed day to all

good day to my deer @Guru

Mumetoa mahuwa wapi ?

No matter how good or challenging your life is, wake up every morning grateful that you have one.
Good day talkers.

Good morning… [ATTACH=full]166058[/ATTACH]


Today will be a great day…


Kwani leo ni flowers day na hakuna mtu alinipea memo nije na zangu.

Good day ladies and gents


Good morning

Blessed day to you all,may God lead our ways and plans for success

Wewe ungetuwekea black jack (mishege?)

Alfajiri na mapema. Good day.

Good day to you all. Back from a long holiday I found this village in a new outfit - well done. Blessed day to you!

Morning everyone,
KPLC are being their usual annoying selves so I am starting my weekend early. Have a good day Y’all.

hi, how was Canaan?

Saa tatu si alfajiri na mapema Padre lazybone. :stuck_out_tongue: