Afrojiri sacco

A beaut We’n’sday y’all…


fish-tail palm


Terrible morning thika superhighway jam jam everywhere. Niko Lucky summer ,baba dogo , mathare and back to jam at survey ! CBD was tatuuuu !

At exactly noon the sun will be above the equator.
Good day talkers, may it shine in your pockets too

Spending two hours in a route that would take you 20 min in its madness.

Morning talkers,
Enjoying my day off… Good day to you all.

Kitunguu ikikataa kunuka, panda ile ya majani.

I mean, when one hustle fails, don’t strain, change your steps, find a better option.

Good day family.

good day to all

zinakaa weave ya @pseudonym

I don’t do weaves.

Good day talkers. Its chilly here and drizzling.

Never seen this before …



I agree…
Leo super highway was just bad. Tumefika kwa muhindi lakini

She wears gold and green? :D:D:D:Dkesho nitaweka za @Female Perspective basi.

Mbisha inbox nione nywele

Stay blessed people.


But si you have posted my pic on your paper … Twice
By the way what happened to the Sunday editions?

I have one in my compound in embu karibu uone:D:D:D:D:D:D

Hio ilikua mkono nataka ya nywele priss. Sunday editions itarudi tu

Nitapitia Kianjokoma nione nikienda Meru kuchukua wine ya Easter :D:D:D