Afrojiri Sacco

Dear God, I know You are with me now. I know You are with me any time I call on You, or even think about You. Let me remember, every minute of every day, that You are with me, watching me, ready to help, protecting my soul even when the things of this world give me pain.

Let my every minute be lived in Your presence. Let my every action be an offering of love to You. Let my every word be a prayer.

And now let me go forth praising You, O Lord, with all my heart, telling of all Your wonders, with my words and in my actions. I will be glad and rejoice in You this day. I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High.

Have a great Friday my frens

Let me walk in your truth, give me an undivided heart so that I may fear your name, let the work of my hands manifest your will and bring glory to you.

Have a great friday people

Amen. Have a blessed and fruitful day worthy friends

A beautiful Friday y’all…and an incident free Palm Sunday to all the Christians in the house…


royal palm

Amen an


Now that Maombi imeendeshwa poa na Pastor Saliva, Offerings zikuje mbio mbio

Good morning good people, and the most sane thread in ktalk. Blessed day everyone. TGIF. Leo tuambiwe na wachanganuzi kama hizo folliage hapo juu ni nywele za aina gani? za armpits, au ni 7up? :D:D:D:D

@pseudonym buon giorno

I come before you, O Lord.
As the sun rises may your hope rise up in us.
As the birds sing may your love flow out of us.
As the light floods into this new day,
May your joy shine through me.
I come before you, O Lord
And drink in this moment of peace,
That I may carry something of your hope, love and joy
Today in my heart.


Furahi Day Njema kwa kila mmoja wetu hapa.

Antirrhinum aka snapdragon

Beautiful when alive.

Creepy when they die.

A special shout out to this brave albeit ignorant son from the house of Mumbi.
The live bomb was later detonated by KDF.

Lucky bastard

Stock ya maua imeisha, nakuja kiganjo leo weka kanyama .

karibu sana

Buon Giorno, Padre.

You are in dire need of absolution. I should come and lay my hands on you. Get that demon out. :D:D:D


Hehehe… I thought we had an agreement?

May God lead our ways,blessed friday

Amen !
My Auntie used to pray very looooong prayers especially when we visited her .one day my bro, sis and i in one such visit were offered hot tea ,fried egges and ugali leftovers, maombi kabla Kula ikaaza, my frds by the time we said Amen all eggs were gone ! The cat took them. Good day.

errrr, i had to finish with the …er…fronds:D:D:D:D:D

Happy times friends. Take care it’s on a weekend.