Afrojiri Sacco

A beaut day y’all…


maua cha leo



Morning y’all talkers…May your todays desires be fulfilled in Jesus name…

Its an early day…the sun is almost coming out.

Thank Lord for the rains . Did it rain last night in your place ? Great day to you and you and me, tubarikiwe .

Good Morning KTalkers,

Nobody goes to the river early in the morning and brings
dirty water home.
As you step out this morning, may your life be clean, calm
and clear like the early morning water.
May the grace of the Almighty God support, sustain and
supply all your needs according to His riches.

Have a fulfilling TBT day ahead.

Man usiku mzima bana.Enyewe God works in his own way.

I like the rainy smell, as I do the jogging God is great hana ubaguzi !

Great day and a prosperous new month,be blessed.

Kuna lorry meffi that simply decided to break down just when uproaching underpass ya pangani. The traffic cuased was unbearable

Another bright morning that the Lord has given unto us. We give thanks to our creator have a blessed day Ktalkers.

Let’s increase our value today whether financially, knowledge wise or spiritually. Blessed day talkers Ahooo Ahooo Ahooo

Haha nilidhani it’s a lorry transporting meffi… That would have been a shitty morning.


As we face a new day
Let us take your hope
Rising with the dawn.

As we face a new day
Let us feel your love
Dancing through the birdsong.

As we face a new day
Let’s see your promises
Glittering through this day.

Lord, as we face a new day
We turn our face to yours
That we may taste, feel and see you today.

He is great.Nowadays huwa sijog job imenishika sana.Naingia 8 natoka 5:30

GRACE!!! grace means favour minus labour, promotion without qualifications, when grace speaks protocols are suspended esther in the bible knows this, when grace speaks laws are broken, king david is aware of this, when grace speaks education qualifications are useless brother peter experienced this, when grace allocates you connections are needless ask joseph from prison to prime minister. This morning my prayer for you is the Grace of God to speak for you in jesus name!
As we March into March i wish you all a productive month. God bless our hustles

Blessed day talkers, Maulana awabariki nyote na kazi mtakazo fanya hivi leo.



Blessed day fellow talkers!

fellow ni wewe!